Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Room 12 Dance Party

The children in Room 12 just love having a dance party when cleaning up before break times.  You should see how fast they tidy up so that they can have lots of dancing time.

Some amazing writing

My Unique Tree House

Here is my tree house.  It is real and it was built on Granny’s farm.  It fell down in the earthquake and we haven’t built it back up yet.  You get in by the door but you have to put in a pass code.
There is a table and there are four seats and two pictures for playing Mum’s and Dad’s and having tea parties.  It is a secret place.  It is made out of metal and is very old. It’s over 20 years old.  Only me and my cousin, Maddy, and my Granny are allowed in.  We love it so much and it is my favourite thing.  It’s called ‘Silly House’ because it’s my Granny’s and she is funny.  It is amazing and colourful.  It smells like blossom, not the white blossoms, but the ones from Japan.  It’s hidden in the bushes and I love it so much.
By Millie
19th September 2018


My name is Christina,
But I'm not a ballerina.
I'm from the U.K.,
That's why I sound like Theresa May.
I ride the tandem in the sun,
That's how I have my fun.
I've learned how to ski,
And haven't yet hit a tree.
My last name is Symons,
Maybe next time I'll bring you all some diamonds.
By Christina
18th September 2018

Night Practice

When the moon arrives.
When the frost grips the grass.
Dad and I are soccer stars.
We calculate.
We kick.
We score.
The empty stadium screams with 15,000 missing fans.
The light keep us company.
By Baruch
Creative Writing T3 2018

Fun with Kelly Sports

We had Ross and Ana come and teach us some sports and games.  We had to throw a hammer ball, make a bomb go off by hitting a cone with a ball and hit a ball into a hoop with a cricket bat.  It was lots of fun and a good taster into some sports we may be able to play.

Our Museum Trip

We had a wonderful trip to the museum where we learned so many interesting things about Dinosaurs and Fossils.  We also loved seeing the Paua House, the Antarctic room and the photography.  Of course Room 12 were so well behaved and a real pleasure to take out.

Classroom Moving

We have been fascinated by the fact that all the classrooms in Kirkwood Village are moving.  We have been watching the truck we thought was going to take them but its the wrong one.  We wrote letters to Mr Barclay at the University to ask what will be done with them and if they were going to put them in the dump, maybe we could have one for a playroom!!!
Now they are building a big fence around the whole area so we are disappointed to learn that we may not see anything at all.